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Dengfengfuzhong Special Electrical Components Co., LTD. Was established in 2005 as a "blessing in Dengfeng specialty electrical components Co., Ltd." Shenzhen office. The company introduced advanced production equipment and testing equipment to obtain materials, Tsinghua University, Xi'an University of Technology, Department of Aerospace Research Institute, Xi'an seven hundred seventy-one Maofu Tang chief engineer technical support. Joint development, production and sales (MCH) cermet element.

Main products alumina ceramic substrate, alumina ceramic heating element, alumina ceramic heating element, alumina ceramic structures, zirconia ceramic structure, zirconia ceramic knife, zirconia ceramic substrates, zirconia electrolyte sheet, SMD paste crystal base and a cover sheet, ceramic metal components and other self-developed high-tech products。 This product is non-toxic and pollution-free, even heating, no open flame, application security, under the same conditions of heat efficiency, saving 40%, is an alternative to toxic lead PTC fever tablets and low thermal efficiency of conventional resistive element of high-tech new products。 Products the inherent quality and appearance comparable with imported products。

Factory covers an area of 15,000 square meters, the largest and most varied production base of the company passed the TUV ISO 9001 quality system certification. Products have UL, SNHC, and RoHS testing and certification.

Looking to the future, Dengfengfuzhong adhere to market-oriented, product-related diversification walking path; ceramic components and assemblies for the direction of development of core competencies independent intellectual property rights, won the highest efficiency.

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